Regelmatig festivals bezoeken kan je leven tot wel 9 jaar verlengen.

Yes dus ook tijdens dit Pinkpopfestivalweekend werken aan je welzijn, geluk en levensverwachting….

Hoe is dit nu mogelijk? Regelmatig festivals bezoeken kan je leven tot wel 9 jaar verlengen.

Experts aan de University of London hebben eindelijk aangetoond dat je welzijn en humeur met maar liefst 21% verbetert als je lekker staat te gaan op een festival. Bij yoga is dit slechts 10%. Het zien van een toffe artiest, in combinatie met goed gezelschap, een hapje en drankje is key voor een lang en happy leven. Wanneer je jezelf mentaal goed voelt, heeft dit effect op je fysieke gezondheid, en leef je dus langer. Al gaat dit niet op wanneer je elke keer heel je mik vol gooit met van alles en nog wat, maar dat snap je zelf hopelijk ook wel.

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Pinkpop genoemd als factor voor meer ervaren geluk in boek Ap Dijksterhuis "Op naar meer geluk"

Science says gig-going can help you live longer and increases wellbeing

  • Fortnightly gig attendance could extend life expectancy by NINE years

  • Wellbeing increased by 21% from just 20 minutes of gig-time, compared to just 10% for yoga and only 7% for dog-walking

  • O2 commissioned scientific study reveals the power of live music on the human body and mind

Attending a live music gig once a fortnight could have life expectancy rocketing by nine years due to its power to positively impact wellbeing, new scientific research reveals.

The scientific study by O2 and Patrick Fagan, expert in behavioural science and Associate Lecturer at Goldsmith’s University, reveals there is an alternative cure for those struggling to find their Mr. Brightside, and it can be found at your local music venue –  with just 20 minutes of gig-time resulting in a significant 21% increase in feelings of wellbeing. Added to this, additional scholarly research directly links high levels of wellbeing with a lifespan increase of nine years pointing to a direct link between gig-going and longevity.

The findings come off the back of bespoke psychometric and heart-rate tests at a range of wellbeing activities – including gig-going, yoga and dog walking. The gig experience increased participants feelings of wellbeing by 21% – with key markers across the happiness spectrum showing increases, including feelings of self-worth (+25%) and closeness to others (+25%) whilst mental stimulation climbed by an impressive 75%.

Accompanying research showed a positive correlation between regularity of gig attendance and wellbeing. Those who attend live concerts once a fortnight and more were the most likely to score their happiness, contentment, productivity and self-esteem at the highest level (10/10), suggesting that regularly experiencing live music is the key to building a long-standing improvement to wellbeing.

Nina Bibby CMO at O2 said:

“We all know just how good it is seeing your favourite band or artist live, but now we have the proof. Life doesn’t come with catch up and through Priority Tickets, O2 customers have access to over 5,000 live shows in more than 350 venues across the UK every year.”

Those looking for a quick-fix however should not look to just listen to music in private, with over two thirds (67%) of Brits surveyed saying experiencing live music makes them feel happier than simply listening to music at home – showcasing that the shared experience, which performed so strongly in the research, is key to increasing wellbeing.

Patrick Fagan, Expert in Behavioural Science and Associate Lecturer at Goldsmith’s University, said:

“Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on feelings of health, happiness and wellbeing – with fortnightly or regular attendance being the key. Combining all of our findings with O2’s research, we arrive at a prescription of a gig a fortnight which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life.”

About O2 and live music:

  • The O2 is the world’s most popular music and entertainment venue

  • The O2 has welcomed over 60 million visitors and sold 20 million tickets since opening in 2007

  • O2 has 19 O2 Academy venues in 13 cities across the UK

  • To date, 25 million people have been through the doors of an O2 Academy venue

  • O2 customers have access to tickets to over 5,000 shows in over 350 venues across the UK each year via Priority Tickets

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